New Class

New Class? Dance Cardio? Maybe…………..

So, I’m thinking of starting a new class at The Happy Cell (Smile2Live) in Hove after the school run on a Friday. Having done lots of research into latest trends in the fitness world, it seems that “Dance Cardio” is one of the most popular exercise crazes of the moment.

Quite old school in its execution, it seems to be a really fun concept with lots of scope for adding tricky routines for the more confident exerciser or keeping it simple for those that just want their weekly cardio fix.   But what IS Dance Cardio?

In its current form, Dance Cardio was kicked-off by Tracy Anderson, trainer to the stars:) , who married dance choreography with muscle-toning moves.

According to well and good nyc:

Although dance cardio is having its moment, we predict it’s going to be a long one, because you get both a workout plus an artistic release. “Classes are about the experience in the room. The feeling, the emotion, the joy of dance, no matter what the steps are,” says Lisa Wheeler, senior creative manager of group fitness at Equinox

The thing is,   I am NOT a dancer, nor do I want to put off friends and regulars who enjoy cardio but don’t enjoy complicated aerobic routines.

My goal is to create a fun 45 minute class with 2 simple blocks of moves choreographed to great music mixes.  Throughout the class I would offer alternatives for those not comfortable with any of the routines and would end with a lovely stretch and tone section suitable for all ages and abilities.

My dilemma is the name.  Do I steer clear of the word “dance” for fear of alienating my audience and maybe call the class “Pure Aerobics Cardio” or….??

Comments and suggestions very welcome.



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