Pure Aerobics Dance Cardio – Your Post Christmas Fitness Fix

ImageAfter much deliberation and to-ing and fro-ing, I’ve decided to keep it simple and call the new class: Pure Aerobics Dance Cardio.  Hopefully this will not scare off the regulars and will attract some new clients especially given the post Christmas, post new year’s resolution start date:!

The class starts on Friday 10th January at 915 and is a 45 minute cardio class with some simple but fun dance routines to get your heart pumping as we battle the January Blues together.

The classes will cost £4.50 but similarly to your favourite coffee house, we will give you a loyalty card on your first visit and after 5 stamps, the 6th class will be free!

We will keep the routines going on 4 week cycles so that you can become confident with the moves, but don’t get bored.  Musical themes will shift between current chart stuff, disco, house, pop, dance, trance, 90s, 80s and I’m very happy to take suggestions before the 4 week rotations.  The warm up and cool down music will change week to week.

So come along, bring a friend and get fit and even more fabulous in 2014:)


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