New Class

FREE TRIAL of NEW Pure Core Restore for Mums

Until 8pm this evening, I am offering a free trial session of Pure Core Restore at the Happy Cell this Thurs at 2pm.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.  8 places available.

So how are women supposed to get their pre-pregnancy fitness levels back whilst attempting to juggle all the added stresses that go hand in hand with caring for a small baby?
Before doing a post natal course with Jenny Burrell from Burrell Education*, I too thought tough ab workouts and rigorous cardio were the only way to get rid of my mummy tummy.

THINK AGAIN. The course changed my world. Eat and breathe – this is the message Jenny wanted to give new mums. Reconnecting with yourself and your pelvic floor and incorporating correct breathing, whilst fuelling the body in a healthy and nutritious way. SO much more important and effective in helping your body repair itself and indeed recover from the huge stresses that even a problem free pregnancy and birth put on the body.  READ ON…….


Pure Core Restore is about using breath and movement to restore the core and pelvic floor after having a baby.

This class will concentrate on the right breathing and help tighten up the excess skin and flatten the so called “mummy tummy” that is a natural exponent of childbirth.

These classes are run as 6 week blocks and you should be able to notice a real improvement in core strength, pelvic floor weakness, posture, aches, pains and stiffness half way through your second block so STICK WITH IT!

This is a class where little ones under two are very welcome and where mums can relax and don’t need to worry if they need to stop to feed or calm their babies.

This is NOT just post natal Pilates.  This class will challenge you and give you a good workout and most importantly will MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

Read my Too Much Too Soon blog for more details.

Free trial offer expires tonight at 8pm…………


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