New Class

Pure Core Restore Week 2!

We had a full house for week one of Pure Core Restore and I’m looking forward to seeing you all this Thursday for the 2nd installment.

Each week we will do some myofascial releases to release the tensions mums typically hold in their shoulders, upper and lower backs; a warm-up, some high intensity strength training (arms,legs and bum) to raise the heart rate; some standing core stability work and then about 20 minutes of post natal core focused floor exercises.

In the core section we will build on the breathing and the exercises that we started last week but as each class is stand alone please don’t worry if this will be your first time.  This class is the difference maker and with weekly attendance you should notice a marked improvement in core strength and stability between weeks 8-10.

Here’s what one of my ladies had to say about last week’s session:

Core restore was amazing, I have spent years trying to work my lower abs with no joy, woke up this morning after yesterdays class and feeling them now! Yay! Christine is a fab teacher so good at explaining, and being able to bring my little ones was the icing in the cake x

Pay as you go – £6 drop-in or £30 for 6 sessions but PLEASE BOOK especially if bringing little ones.




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