New Class



So, you’d like to exercise and just feel a little bit more like yourself but feel bad trying to do it around the kids or just frustrated as they just won’t leave you alone? Sound familiar?

Pure Aerobics has the perfect solution.  Come along to my Pure Legs, Bums and Tums for Mums class on Friday morning at 1115 am at Westows and your kiddies will enjoy an hour’s free play session IN ADDITION to the 45 minute class! Your kiddies will also receive some balloons and a NEW edition Kallikids colouring bag.

It also doesn’t matter it you have one, two, three or more kiddies – the price of entry will still only be £6.

The class itself will be fun, energetic, and safe even for new mums.  We will get you toned and sculpted and will work on restoring the core and getting your groove back.

BOOKING is required so please drop me a line as quickly as possible.

See you soon.




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